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Pluie/Noir Podcast 003

"Forest Cast"

Sound by Vlad Caia.
Visual Interpretation by Max Binski.
Video by Max Binski.
Pluie/Noir Podcast is a bi-monthly audio-visual episode representing our work as an artist collective. Each episode will feature a one hour collage/mix by one of our producers/djs and a poster triptych by one of our designers. 
We interviewed both artists and dropped some questions about their vision:
What have you been up to?
I’ve been enjoying the fresh northern winter for the past months, working on some tracks and managing our Amphia label.
The label you manage with cristi cons has seen a wonderful debut last year. What can we expect from Amphia in the future?
Some solo EPs also some remixes from some important names in the scene and also maybe some albums. We will focus mainly on releasing our own work as we got piles of material we would like to press.
You represented Norway in the RedBullMusicAcademy 2010. Was this important in your career and music direction?
It’s a bit difficult to quantify the effect but I like to think that it was an important experience for me. Meeting some new people that are in the same state of mind and observing the sound they make can totally open the idea faucet in you.
What can you tell us about your podcast?
I’ve decided to play some of my favorite tracks that never had the chance to end up in a mix.
2012... What to expect?
More releases, more playing out and more love?
Your name sounds familiar!?
I named myself after one of my favorite tracks by NSI (Non-Standard Institute) with the same name. It's exactly the type of music that inspires me in the most graphical ways.
There's little info about who you are or where you are from. You find it better to be somehow anonymous? What's your role on the collective?
The people close to me and those who I work with know who I am, but I don't think it's that important to have an identity when you work mainly in abstract forms.
I'm Pluie/Noir's creative director and one of the main active designers. Some people say I also co-manage the entire collective. Who knows...
Where does your inspiration come from?
Music and abstractive geometric art. Kandinsky, Picasso and the whole Bauhaus movement play a huge role in my list of big influences.
What can you tell us about your triptych?
I transmuted Vlad Caia's podcast in simple illustrations from the curved harmony to the straight lined weirdness. The middle poster had to have a different motion, some beats are stronger. 
It's about feeling the momentum, and I felt it my own way.
What are you doing at the moment and what's coming next?
I'm currently finishing Kalimari Musique's new website and our own Pluie/Noir website. I'm also designing a logo for Pluie/Noir's Imprint, doing 2 videos for Doma Musique, doing very personal illustrations for my "Interpretations of Sound" series of triptychs and working with some other clients. Freelancing!
Next? Opening up p/n's  "light, color & sound" online store!
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